Thursday, March 15, 2018

Radio Humber 'Grad Wisdom'

Three popular, successful graduates from the Radio Humber Diploma program visited the Career Preparation for Radio class where the class of 18 - who are five weeks away from graduating - had the opportunity to listen to their journey, stories and advice.

Shem Parkinson - seven years out of the program - wears many hats at Kiss 92.5 and other Rogers Radio properties. Shem is an announcer, assistant music director, music director for a Kingston radio station, and national digital content creator. Something is most likely being left out! 

Mark Carcasole who we jokingly referred to as the 'veteran' -  is twelve years out the program and has spent his career in news - first radio at Newstalk 1010 - and then television with Global.

Tori Fixman is two years out of the program - and has already had two moves from her Toronto homestead - including an out of province experience. Tori is currently the Promotions Manager and swing announcer at Country 105 in Shelburne, Ontario.

All three found success stemming from an internship. On internships:

  • Don't be picky - get your foot in the door and ask yourself - what does this station need?
  • Don't compare yourself to your classmates - go at your own pace
  • Be hopeful and don't burn bridges
  • Introduce yourself, and make an impact
  • Ask a lot of questions
On emotional well-being and work/life balance
  • Find your tool; for Tori - it's lists, for Shem it's compiling information and bits as he goes, for Mark it's be 100% present on the job, and leave the job there

On advice to their young self
  • Don't get discouraged - get motivated
  • Prepare for roadblocks
  • Be confident - but not cocky
  • Don't worry - it will work out and what is meant to be - will be

Great advice from three Radio Humber Graduates who make us proud! Follow them on twitter:


Notes and photos by Sheila Walsh

Saturday, February 24, 2018

2018 RBD Speaker Series: Rudy Blair/Jeff Sammut

One of my favorite courses to teach in the Radio Humber Diploma program is called Career Preparation for Radio. It's a bit like polishing school - where we spend 15 weeks getting the up-and-coming broadcasters ready for the transition from school to the working world. We do this by going over etiquette, professional expectations, resumes, interviews, job searching techniques, portfolio work, contracts, budgeting, goal planning and - most importantly - networking.

Part of the preparation of the networking aspect is helping the students truly understand exactly what it is they are signing up for. What better way to achieve that understanding than by bringing in a parade of practicing professionals who have "seen it all, and lived to talk about it." "Do as I say, not as I do." "If I knew then, what I know now."

We have had many amazing, insightful guests visit our class for this assignment, from John Tory (pre-Mayor, when he was an afternoon host on Newstalk 1010) - Peter Mansbridge, Maureen Holloway to Roger Ashby, James Duthie to Maie Pauts, Kym Geddes to John Moore and everyone in between.

The 2018 RBD (Radio Humber Diploma) Speaker Series (#rbdSpeakerSeries) is underway, and the first two guests the students brought in to speak to their class - were Radio Humber Alumni Rudy Blair and Jeff Sammut.

The blogs (links below) are part of this networking assignment, and are provided by a student team member assigned to bring in these guests.

Rudy Blair by Adrian Cooper - click here

Jeff Sammut by Jeremy Logan- click here (note this one may be slow to load!)