Saturday, November 19, 2011

Sheila Walsh with Sly Stallone

Literally had to dust this one off, and upload it from cassette. Hard to believe that up until 2000, we still stored audio on tapes! So much technological advancement in only 11 years.

As one of the entertainment reporters for CFRB 1010 Toronto (now Newstalk 1010) - I had the chance to interview some really great stars. This chat is with actor Sylvester Stallone - who at the time was in Canada filming the movie 'Driven', while promoting his new theatrical release 'Get Carter'. Super nice man.

Sheila Walsh with Sly Stallone by Sheila Walsh Radio

Friday, November 11, 2011

Sheila Walsh 1050 CHUM features

Leading up to 1050 CHUM's 50th anniversary celebration - I was asked to write, produce and narrate a selection of short features that reflected 50 years of  pop culture and current events from a Toronto point of view. Here is a sample of some vignettes that were aired. I discovered some incredibly interesting facts about Toronto while putting these together!

1050 Chum 50th Anniversary pieces by Sheila Walsh Radio

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sheila Walsh with 1050 CHUM

In this clip - part of a series I did for the 1050 CHUM 50th anniversary in 2007 - long-time and former 1050 CHUM personalities and employees share the magic that is/was '1050 CHUM'. R.I.P.
Participants include Rogers Ashby, Brad Jones, Duff Roman, Mike Cooper, Bob Laine, Lystra Doyle-Wood

Walsh 1050 CHUM 50th by Sheila Walsh Radio

Sheila Walsh with 67 Leafs

The Stanley Cup Winning Leafs of 1967 gathered at Toronto's Hockey Hall of Fame in 2007 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of that win. Here - as a reporter with CHUM - I chat with many - including Eddie Shack, Johnny Bower, Brian Conacher and Bobby Baun. RAW audio.

Walsh with 67 Leafs by Sheila Walsh Radio

The archived interviews - in the beginning

Over my 20 plus years in the broadcasting industry - I have had the opportunity - and pleasure - to interview hundreds of people from all walks of life. Famous celebrities, musicians, athletes, newsmakers, Doctors, researchers and experts -  to the average joe. Each and every person has left an impression on me. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to make a career out of talking to people, learning new things, and sharing information. These tapes (yes actual tapes) and CD's are sitting in a storage area. Time to dust them off. Stay tuned...